PyLadies Los Angeles
For all in Los Angeles who like programming in Python


Welcome to PyLadies Los Angeles! We are the Los Angeles chapter of a global network of pythonistas interested in the Python programming language. If that's you, please join us! We welcome everyone from professional Python developers to newcomers, curious weekend dabblers, and self-taught part-timers. We have monthly or bimonthly meetings in Los Angeles.

We welcome everyone (not just women, and yeah we get that question a lot) to come to our events. We aim to provide a friendly support network for women and a bridge to the larger Python world. Anyone with an interest in Python is encouraged to participate!


We have monthly or bimonthly meetings in Los Angeles. Please join our meetup group and RSVP to meetups there. It's an opportunity to learn something new, share what you know and meet your peers.

Events are subject to the PyLadies Code of Conduct.

We also partner with other local meetup groups and host events together. If you are a meetup organizer who want to host an event together, please reach out to us!

Finally, you may also find us at local tech conferences such as SCALE and PyData.

Photo of a PyLadies Los Aneles meetup

Sponsor us!

There are many ways for you or your company to help further the PyLadies mission:

  • Sponsor a Venue: provide a place to host a PyLadies LA event
  • Sponsor Food & Beverage: provide food & beverage for the evening event. Examples include pizza, sodas, etc.
  • Event Partnerships: co-plan an event with the PyLadies LA organizers on a topic of interest to you or your company/school.
  • Sponsor PyLadies & Company Swag: purchase PyLadies merchandise to give away or raffle off to members that attend events such as stickers, water bottles, t-shirts, tote bags, etc.

  • Please reach out if you are interested in becoming a sponsor!